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High Performance Tier 1 (podium ready)

Date 2017 Sep 18 - 2018 Sep 18 Ical
Days/Times TBA
Location Cheema Aquatic Club

High Performance Tier 1 (Podium Ready)
This program will see athletes training at the highest level under the guidance of the head coach. The head coach will develop a performance pathway with each athlete on an annual basis. Expectations are full participation in scheduled workouts, training camps; Florida training, ski camp, swimming, as well as participation at local, national and international competitions. Athletes may not attend this program on a part time basis. Any absence from training is the responsibility of the member (except provincial/national team training).

Prerequisite Invitation
Contact Mike Kerrivan
Category High Performance (Tier 1) Podium Ready
Deadline September 01, 2018 01:00