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U12 BOYS Full Summer Program - Registration Form

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Registration Policy


1. To become a member of Cheema Aquatic Club, the participant(s), his/her parents(s) and/or legal guardians(s) (collectively the “Applicants”) all of whom are signed below, agree that Cheema Aquatic Club and all of the directors, officers, employees and representatives shall have no legal liability whatsoever for any injuries or losses sustained by the Applicants resulting from attending the programs and events sponsored by Cheema and the use of equipment and facilities of Cheema Aquatic Club.

2. The Applicants agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cheema Aquatic Club and its respective directors, officers, employees and representatives against all liabilities whatsoever resulting from any injuries or losses as referred to in paragraph

3. The Applicants agree that this Waiver shall bind any servant, agent, invitee, guest, spectator, or any other person associated with the Applicants.

4. The Applicants acknowledge that all the activities to be carried out by Cheema Aquatic Club have an inherent risk of personal injury, property damage and loss or theft of personal property and the Applicants acknowledge and confirm they are well aware of and understand these risks and that the participants(s) is/are taking part in the activities at Cheema Aquatic Club voluntarily. The Applicants warrant that the participant is in good health and is able to freely participate in the activities carried out by Cheema Aquatic Club and health restrictions, if any, have been noted on the Registration Form.

5. The Applicants agree to be bound by all the rules and regulations as may be published from time to time, which govern activities and the use of the facilities of Cheema Aquatic Club.


For promotional purposes, Cheema Aquatic Club posts photos of our athlete members to our website, email newsletter or social media. Cheema’s Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter accounts are controlled by authorized Cheema staff, board members or trusted volunteers. Cheema’s Facebook Group is a closed group but with widespread membership, due to the nature of a Facebook Group, the club is not responsible for its member’s postings. If you prefer your child be excluded from internet posts described here, please notify us in writing at [email protected]


Commencing September 1, 2015, an additional fee of $75 per year, or any part thereof, applies to members storing personal boats. No part of the boat storage fee will be refundable, nor can it be prorated for short year storage. Storage fees are due at the time membership fees are due for the first session occurring on or after September 1, 2015. The anniversary date for boat storage will be the start date of the program during which a boat was first stored. For example, a boat brought in for storage on Oct 1st by a member in the Fall/Winter session will have a storage term of Sept 1 to Aug 30. Please refer to Boat Storage Policy. Notice: If a boat remains at Cheema once membership is no longer active, and after the expiry of the year paid, an additional boat storage fee of $30/month (or any part thereof) will apply until the boat is removed.


If for what so ever reason the program that you have registered for is cancelled by Cheema Aquatic Club, a full refund will be issued.

Full Summer - Participants of the full summer program will have the first 5 days of the program to withdraw. The registrar must be notified within 5 days of the start of the program if a refund is to be issued. All refunds will have a $50 administration fee apply.

One and Two Week Programs – There is no refund available once the program has started.

Development - Participants of the seasonal Development programs must withdraw within the first month of training to be eligible for a refund equal to 50% of the full session dues. The registrar must be notified of this withdrawal in order to be eligible.

All other Programs – There is no refund once the program has started.

No refund will be issued if a participant leaves a program due to a disciplinary issue.

I have read and agree to the Registration Policy above